Monday, July 25, 2011

The Fascinations of Writing A Book

My dad always used to say, "After retirement, I'm going to start my first book... And then I'm going to read a second one!"
You may think it's corny, but I die laughing everytime. From this, along with many other inspirations in my life, grew a real passion to actually write a book, and so I set out on this adventure this past year with my friend Miranda Montez. I think she would like me to tell the backstory.
Once upon a time, two friends named Miranda and Russell were bored in a Calculus class. Talking back and forth, they realized that something must be done to fill this boredom. They started compiling quotations from a rather odd individul in their class. (Sorry Chris, but it's the truth, and you had some very obscene comments going there! Plus, you know you liked the attention.) But then the book grew silent as Chris learned not to say such mean-spirited lines. And so the friends started to imagine about a love story between Chris and another in the class. Anna Moen, one of their friends who sat near the two mathmeticians, was the perfect literary character. And a star was born! Implanted into the minds of the two friends grew a story of passion, betrayal, love, lust, and DEATH happy endings. And so began the story of Chris Giraffe and Vanna Moen, two star-crossed lovers that try to beat all odds to be together!
We definately thought it was a novel idea. (Hey, THAT'S where that phrase comes from!) Not to mention our grand hopes for a Hollywood release... *ahem, Spielberg. Anyway, after much deliberation, we titled it Ares & Aphrodite, seeing many attributes of these mythical characters in our characters, and slapped the pen name Miranda Russell on there. Once the story was finished, the coverwork was done, and the back of the book summary was completed, we sent it to the printers and it came out rather nicely. See?

For further understanding of our plot, this is what the summary on the back read: 
In an instance of high stress, high emotion, and little time, students ready themselves for graduation and the inevitable journey of life. Battling destiny one last time, honor student Chris sets off to woo his high school love, Vanna, who struggles to keep herself afloat in her high stakes situation. A story of love and passion to excel, this coming-of-age story stabs below the belt in a true and humbling tale of fighting the clock one last time.

Long story short, no one read it besides Chris and Anna, who received them as graduation presents. Only fifty pages (does that qualify as a novel?) it's still a book. And Anna said she liked it, along with a statement pertaining to a plot rush halfway through the book... but HEY!. We were on a time crunch! Only doing it during our study halls, you should be thankful we got it done at all!

And so now that this is done, maybe I'll have to pair up with somebody different to write a play or something. Who knows... Is there anybody out there that writes music? We could write our own musical. It'd but fun! Ah, a thousand ideas popped in my head. PLLLLEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSE? (You can comment below if you're interested. :D )

Hey, look on the bright side! I won't have to wait for retirement to start my first book. :)

'Til next time.

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