Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Paid in Bread

Seeing that it was a SUPER nice day today and that I wish to use a ginormous, lavished frame that I have for a new project of mine, I decided to bring my dog outside. Now, if you know Sally, she's often very stoic. And friendly, but that's beside the point. I say stoic in every sense of the word. I love her. She's going to be the subject material for my new watercolor, after all! And so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots of her for reference. After a while, she wanted to go inside, which I can understand. She must have been EXHAUSTED! Sitting around having pictures taken of you can really wipe you out. (I'm not kidding either.) And so Sally skipped back into our air-conditioned house and drank a cold bowl of water, served by yours truly. She thought that was all the compensation she would get for her modeling gig. I did too. Below are some shots from the photo shoot.

And THEN, about three hours later, my family discovered this on our front door step:

Yes. That's right. A plastic bag of bread that says, "Stale bread for Sally." Okay, this needs some explaining. About a half year back, Sally had the dog equivalent of vertigo, meaning she was really dizzy and couldn't stand up and stuff like that. It was super sad! We called the vet, who said to give her allergy pills. Sally dislikes three things:  carrots, grapes, and pills. She refuses to even touch any of them. But she DOES like bread. Therefore, we wrapped bread around pills and fed it to her, ensuring that she would get better soon!
Now, we don't know when it happened, but along the way Sally got addicted to bread. She also got better. :)
And so, if you're the unfortunate one who gets up first in the morning, she senses any movement and darts to the breadbox, waiting for you to serve up her favorite dish. Evidently, the neighborhood knows this story now. (See bread on doorstep.) Thank you, kind neighbor!
And so Sally's payment for being my model? Donated bread. Her favorite is Sara Lee, but she'll settle for bakery bread too, I guess.

'Til next time.

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  1. Hahah! I remember when she was uber-hyper. It sounds as if she has mellowed a bit. I can't wait to see this watercolour! Post it soon or if you have, direct me to it. Thanks! Also, glad to hear she is feeling better. ;)


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