Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello, Dolly!

You're really not American if you haven't heard of or heard Dolly Parton. Known as the big-busted, little dynamo with a voice, Ms. Parton has made her way to an American pop-culture phenomenon, right from day one. Whether a-croonin' with Kenny Rogers (what a pair!), making dreams come true with her amusement park Dollywood, adapting her very own movies into musicals, or creating the songs we ALL know and love with her bare voice, her empire continues to grow even today at 65.
Everything else put aside, what a talent! We all know and love the song "I Will Always Love You," as made famous by Whitney Houston. Well, she wrote that song! And from where does this inspiration flow? On her first day in Nashville MANY years back, she met an asphalt road paver at a laundromat who warned her that she might get sunburnt if she stayed in the sun too long. Long story short, they got married and just celebrated their 45th anniversary. Please raise your hand if you knew Dolly was married. Zero people? Hmmm... that's what I thought; it's nice to see that both don't have to be in the spotlight and can still be in love.
We also cannot forget her acting career! Among many titles, 9 to 5 is definately her most popular, in which she co-starred with Jane Fonda! (Shout out to Casie Ecklund! :) ) It turns out that it was a smash hit, obviously. She has also made cameos in many movies and TV shows, among which Miss Congeniality 2 was my favorite. "Are you kidding?! These aren't real!" (HahahahaAAAAaaahhhh! Oh, I have to do a post on Sandra Bullock sometime.) Not to mention that she's so famous that these cameos, even if they weren't as herself, were first-named Dolly. Not many people pull that one off and still be AWESOME. (Ahem... Justin Bieber in CSI.)
And still there is talent to spare! In 2007, Dolly successfully adapted 9 to 5 into a Broadway sensation. (Now on tour and coming to a city near you.) You should really check it out. Her music is sensational and can only be surpassed by the mind of... actually, no one, not in the popular music business, that is. Featuring songs such as "Get Out and Stay Out," "Shine," "Backwoods Barbie," "9 to 5," and many others, her musical is definately worth a shot to check out.
Should I even mention Dollywood? Come on. Some little kid ran away from home and took a plane to Dollywood! In other words, he chose DOLLYWOOD over DISNEYLAND. Yes. I guess it's that good. And she promotes reading! It's called the "Imagination Library," promoting literacy in early childhood.

Just for the fun of it, I'm going to post my favorite Dolly song, because everyone should like this lady! I mean, come on! She is to be respected!

'Til next time!

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