Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Being Named After Robert Redford

Fun Fact of the Day:  I was named after Robert Redford!

Okay, that's not entirely true, but it is true at the same time. More like one of his characters. But it's nice to have been said you were, considering he IS one of America's most iconic movie stars. The Great Gatsby, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, etc... Anyway, it is KIND OF true. Let me explain.

My middle name is Roy. Not only does this allow alliteration in my name, but it also is named after a movie character, which is fitting for someone who enjoys movies so much. This being said, in 1984, Robert Redford's movie The Natural was released. In said movie, Redford played the baseball player Roy Hobbs. Seeing that Hobbs is a nickname for my surname and my dad really likes baseball and that movie (?), it fit. It didn't overthrow my first name, which I inherited from my grandfather, but it is a great piece of trivia, no? Plus, I rather enjoy  it. Who else enjoys their middle name? (Please comment below with your middle name.)

I was named after Robert Redford.

'Til next time!


  1. Russell, that's awesome! I had no idea! I wrote a song about Robert Redford. I'll send it to you sometime. I tried to include as many of his movie titles into the lyrics as possible. He's a great actor!

  2. Sounds great! I would love to hear it! :)


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