Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Project-ion into the Past/Present... Part I.

One of the best things about Sunday, besides church, is that you can set out a tentative plan for the week, some things you want to accomplish. This week, I'm setting out on a creative project to, in a way, refurbish my room. I'm a very visual person, and so, as I often do, I sketched out the side of my room I wish to remake and add revisions. This is what I came up with at the end.

Now, what you see here is very simple. The symmetrical boxes near the top are shadow boxes I already have up. The shelf below the painting is also there. The six boxes on the wall below are mirrors that are already in place. This is what I did to prep my project:

#1 Take down EVERYTHING, besides items that I mentioned above, which will stay fixed in place. I find it easier to start from scratch.
#2 Dispose of the stuff I do not need. Although I anticipated a struggle with this area, as I can be a hoarder at times, I departed with some stuff that really did need to go or be stored away for the time being.
#3 Come up with a plan. As sketched out, I plan to obtain a small desk, of sorts, an end table, a new lamp, and a chair. I contemplated this, and with financial dealings as they are (paired with my acute frugalness), I decided to make this a true project. I'm going antiquing/shopping this week to find inexpensive items to refurbish myself. With a little bit of primer and paint, they should be ready in no time! Plus, I'm going to make the shadow boxes into little display cases, glassed in with lattices. I think it will look great!
#4 Take currently used items and repurpose them. On the shelf used to set a whole lotta cds. I decided that my books need to come out. They use more space, and I spend more time with them anyway.
#5 Finalize a theme. My room is painted brown (top), white (stripe/middle), and cream (bottom). Paired with accents of red, represented through sheathes of berries, I think it will look rather nice. The phrase "Past Meets Present" will do nicely, especially with my books and the antique revitalizations I hope to embrace in this project, while taking to account the other half of my room as well, which will match the motif.

Although it may be quite a job, I think I can pull this off before the next Sunday rolls around. I always like a good project, and it has been far too long (a good two months!) since I have worked with paint.
I'll be back with updates throughout the week on my finds, my progress, and the final results!

'Til next time.

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