Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Project-ion into the Past/Present... Part II.

This is the sequel to A Project-ion Into the Past/Present... Part I.

Last week, I promised that I would check back with updates to my room renovation project. Well, I didn't do that. But I did come back with the results!

So, let's go back to where we started. This is what I had for plans:

If you want to, you could go read the previous post, but this is the final result:

Okay. First of all, this is a bad picture; forgive me. Second, given, it is a bit different from what I had thought it would be. And I don't have the lattices on my shadow boxes yet. They are drying as we speak. But do you like it? I think I do. Especially my antique checkerboard table (center) as well as the French bistro chairs. You can't see it in the picture, but the legs of the table are supposed to be olive green. I may have to put another coat on there. Oh well. Also, I should really get some pillows onto those chairs. They look a little uncomfortable right now. And I also was lacking room that I before thought I had. Ahhh... that's one thing about sharing a room... but oh well. I'll live.

All in all, I think once a little life goes into them they will turn out splendid. After all, real estate companies hire families to live in model homes so it gives the inatimate life, right? That's exactly what I think it needs.

I also think they look better in person.

'Til next time!

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