Thursday, July 28, 2011

What time did you say it was?

One of my aspirations is to one day be a city planner, city manager, or something along those lines. Either way, I firmly believe that a clock tower has a place in any city. Why, you may ask, would I think that? Well, it may be because I grew up looking at the towering Denfeld High School clock tower (above) from up upon the Duluth hillside. It may be, and this is more likely, that I love the lines that it draws upon the rigidity of any skyline. Needless to say, I truly appreciate the design and architecture put into these pieces of history. After all, each has a story. Plus, the dual purpose of a work of art plus a functional way to keep track of schedule is wonderfully accepted in my mind. I wanted to share some of my favorite clock towers out there. Enjoy!

 Of course, we have to include Big Ben in London. I hope to see this next year when I hopefully attend the summer olympics 2012. It will be crumpets and tea! Does anybody have aspirations to go to England? I still need a travel mate.

La basilica twin clock towers in Ecuador.

Chiang Rai in Thailand

Leave it to Liverpool to have such a historic gem!

This would be the ultimate penthouse!

See!? Aren't they amazing! So let me know if you see any cool clock towers around.

'Til next time!

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