Sunday, August 21, 2011

101 Ways to Use Mason Jars

One thing that has always captured my creative eye is the use of mason jars. They are a very simple instrument that conduct the most beautiful of things. You can fill them with fresh flowers, fill them with kitchen supplies, fill them with candy, fill them with basically anything. And they look good! This is my own implementation of one:

And I only have one because I have limited room. Imagine if I could just go wild and crazy for them? It would probably not be a good thing. I could use them for water glasses (and I WILL):

Credit Covet Living via Kate Miller Events
Or I could do these following things:

Credit Imprintables. Yes. That's ice cream.

I saw this idea on Parenthood, too. It's fantastic.
I love this idea, too. From Apartment Therapy.

From the etsy shop Treasure Again.
Amazing. I love everything about it, and I'm stealing this for some party or wedding that I plan. Credit Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Another idea from Apartment Therapy.
Place settings? I think so! From Hooked on Houses.
I need this now. From Candle Light Solutions.

If I were you, I would google "Mason Jars" right now. People have found some amazing ways of utilizing this "staple" of arts and crafts. Maybe it's best that we glean off them. :) Just remember...

Blue or clear, short or tall, Mason Jars, we love them all.

'Til next time!


  1. Please link the Mason Jar Party lights photo back to the original source:

  2. how do you do the first lighting with mason jars?


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