Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bowling Alone

This was the title of one of my brother's first classes in college. I'm not sure where they got it. (Maybe some sort of psychology thing?) Given, although I wasn't in the class and wasn't much interested in the topic, I DO know they did actually go bowling... but not alone. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole class, if you ask me.)

I would consider myself somewhat of a loner. For example, while I do have friends, I choose to post my thoughts on a blog, instead of just telling them. Is it my fault? Maybe. Unfortunately, some of my favorite pastimes (reading, writing, playing music) don't require somebody else and would be rather hectic if they were done with somebody else. (i.e. I can't imagine reading a novel with somebody else. What would you do? Switch off reading chapters to each other? It's just something that's not happening.)

But I have to recall the time I went to the movies alone, which may forever label me as a loner.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was clean out of things to do. I think I even cleaned the house from top to bottom. I had just finished reading Water for Elephants and had noticed that it was playing at the local theatre. I gave my friend, who had also read it, a quick call. When the machine picked up, I hung up and was about to dial another number when I stopped. I asked myself, "Do I need somebody else to go to the movies with?"
"Yes, you do. That's weird going to the movies alone."
"But why?"
"Good point. You do just go down and sit there, don't you?"
And so I went to the movies alone. When I got there, I marched up to the ticket booth and declared, "One for Water for Elephants!" It may not have been that triumphant, but it was a little foreign. I guess I was expecting the teller to look at me like a lunatic or something. She didn't.
When I entered the actual theatre, (For those visual readers out there, it was a stadium-styled theatre) I noticed two things. 1.) There are very few people that go to the movie theatre to see a novel-based movie at 1:00 in the afternoon on a beautiful Saturday. 2.) Only elderly people go to movies at 1 P.M. on a Saturday.
And so I sat there, amongst my nursing home buddies and enjoyed the performance that Reese Witherspoon, Christopher Waltz, and Robert Pattinson put on in the era movie based off Sara Gruen's triumphantly wicked circus novel.
As I stepped out into the 3:00 sunlight, I breathed in the fresh air. I've survived a movie alone.

And it's a good thing I got that out of the way early because I've concluded that, in the end, I'd much rather go to the movies with somebody else.

I hope you are inspired by this posting. It definitely is something that everyone must do in a lifetime, going to a movie alone. If you don't feel like it, though, you can call me. I'll probably be reading.

'Til next time,
The Lone Ranger

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