Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cards on the Ice Box

One of my favorite artists of all time is Dik LaPine. Not only because I know him personally and have seen his work over the years but because he just has great talent! This may explain why I'm hoarding a half sheet of paper that has a pencil drawing of a Fourth of July floatila parade on it in my room cabinet. It could explain why I feel like stealing a framed cartoon of a choir singing "How Great Thou Art" with Tony the Tiger in the tenor section from a friend's house. It may also explain why I framed and have sitting on my checker table a card I received from the LaPine family for my graduation; here's proof of this phenomenon.

It's just great fun! So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon my favorite artist's website, allowing me to purchase some works that I have not had the chance to hold in my sweaty, eager hands! And that I can SHARE them with OTHERS! Now, I haven't gotten around to ordering them just yet, but it's definately on my to-do list.

Here's an excerpt explaining Dik LaPine's work, as taken from his website:
"For eight years Duluth mailman Dik LaPine has been making homemade thank you cards for the people on his mail route. His patrons collected the cartoon cards and even framed them because they captured the spirit of northern Minnesota. The northern scenes of moose, bears, and sled dogs reflect his mailman daydreams and daily encounters that warm his heart. After making thousands of cards, it finally dawned on him that maybe other people outside of his mail route might like having his cards as well. Thus, began the journey to create a greeting card that was truly vintage northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.
"It is the vision of Ice Box Cards to provide a greeting that allows you to write your own thoughts of communication within cute quality cartoon cards which have their captions on the back of the cards rather than inside. This will allow you to express your love, appreciation, sympathies, and encouragements without having the cards' captions interfering with your own personal thoughts."

If you would like to follow Frostbite and Nanook (I believe those are the character names), HERE is the website where you can buy the cards and HERE is the facebook page for you to "like," which I very highly recommend you do.

And HERE are some of the cards, the first of which I take joy in viewing everyday on my checker table!

Aren't they all fantastic?! Uh! I need to order these! (Just did! Don't you love how fast the internet is?) I love how each one of them just captures this part of the world perfectly! And I love the title of the company, too!

Go buy some cards now!
'Til next time!


  1. Great post, Russell! Thank you for such a glowing recommendation for my dad's cards!

  2. Oh, my pleasure! This topic has been on my to-blog list since I started; it was great fun to post! :)


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