Saturday, August 27, 2011

Framing Frames

For five hours today, I did a project that I really enjoyed doing. Take a look!

First, I took a trip to our local Saver's store and picked up some frames. From there, I went to Michael's to pick up some paints. Take a look at my purchases laid out! I think I came out pretty good! They were all very unique and suitable for the "collage"-walled look I was going for.

And even though there were some good things in the frames already, I had to take them out for specific reasons. (For instance, on this "grandma" one, I think it would look kind of silly on my wall.)

I really liked this one. Only $0.99! I love Saver's! It's like the greatest garage sale ever!

And then there was this one. It wasn't a framed picture; it was actually scanned right onto the wood. But I wanted to make my own picture for my wall, so I got it.

Is it just me, or does she seem to be staring into your soul? 

Seriously, it just bores into you.

I could not have this look at me all the time. I had to paint over it.

But wait! She's watching me!

She knows it's coming, and she's just not saying anything! I can't!!! But I must!

Glad I got that over with. After, it took at least a couple coats to get her silhouette out of it though.

And here's the finished products! I was really happy with how they turned out!

And here's them on my wall! (Notice my "R" in Mary Tyler Moore fashion. :) ) Some of the stuff in the frames are a bird silhouetted, the first lyrics of Paul McCartney and the Wings'  "Silly Love Songs," and the verse James 4:14.

And here's that little girl with the apron's frame. I repainted gold on the frame, and I quickly sketched/painted my puppy in the middle. I just had to add her to the wall! I showed her the picture after because she was helping me with the project the whole time. She really liked it! Sally approved! And she's an art connoissseur, you know.

I thought it was a great project, and I loved using colorful paints on ornate frames! It really got the look I was going for! I owe the whole idea to Lee from Leethal! do-stuff blog. I was so inspired when I it maybe 6 months ago that I held onto this great idea until now! :)

I hope you're inspired to go do something creative!

'Til next time!

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