Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodnight, Moon

Have you ever caught yourself blankly staring into space? Mesmerized by nothing and everything at the same time? (When you do it to a person, it's called "soul-staring," as created or maybe just repeated by one of my friends.) Anyway, it happened to me last night. I was soul-staring the moon.

Isn't it something? Last night, it was a little bit cloudy out, and there was a brilliant aura that surrounded it as well; to be honest, it was pretty breathtaking. While I was soul-staring it, I thought of a Chinese myth I read in the book Shanghai Girls by Lisa See; I highly recommend the book.

Once upon a time, two beautiful maiden seamstress sisters lived in the moon. Their beauty surpassed any being, their complexion shone of pureness and perfection, and their ability to embroider more beautifully than themselves drew all of Earth's eyes on them. After many decades, centuries, the maidens grew weary of be put on show every night. They wished no longer to be the center of attention. They wished to work on their embroidery with just the presence of each other. Their brother, who lived in the sun, was their only hope of escape.
"Brother, would you trade places with us?" asked one Moon Maiden.
"No," he responded.
(I'm not really sure what happened, but I'm pretty sure the maidens tricked him into trading places.)
Out of eternal retribution, the two maidens poked their embroidery needles at the inhabitants of Earth, making sure of their solitude while their brother became "The Man in the Moon." Everyone was happy.

It also reminded me of what I learned from Physics class. We only see one side of the moon because as we rotate, it rotates with us. It like gears. (Gives the Transformer's 3 title more meaning doesn't it?) It's quite amazing. The other Physics-related piece I thought of was that of the luminescence of the moon. There is none. The light the moon gives off is just a reflection of light from the sun off of the moon's atmosphere. That's why eclipses and stuff like that are possible. That's when the Earth fully blocks the light from the sun from the moon, creating an illusion that the moon really isn't there. With this fact in mind, it reminds me of a shirt that one of my friends had at one time. It was:

Be the Moon; Reflect the Son.

Don't you think it's amazing how everything comes back to that? Well, I do. He knew what He was doing, let me tell you. 

But anyway, Goodnight, Moon was one of the books that I had as a child. If memory serves right, it was pretty good, too.

Go soul-stare the moon!

'Til next time!

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