Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Got Downtime?

Whenever someone has lived in a place for awhile, they often remain caught in a single rut, doing the same thing and going to the same places. At a fell swoop, they become bored at a moment's notice, saying, "Ahhhhh! This city is SO boring! I need to get away!"
I'll admit it. It's happened to me on occasion. And so I decided that it was time for a blog entry about all the things Duluth (and the surrounding area) has to offer that I, for one, don't take part in but should! Hopefully, you readers can follow along or join me on some adventures along the way.

#1 Community Festivals. I don't know whether this is a big thing just around here or everywhere, but we seem to have quite a bit of them. Did you know that tonight is "National Night Out"? This would fit in this category. But, seriously, almost every town has a huge even each year celebrating a community's coming-togetherness and its history together. Some examples:  Carlton Daze, Proctor Hoghead, Spirit Valley Days, the Depot Summer Arts Festival, etc., etc.

#2 Music Concerts. I guess I never knew this, but Duluth has A LOT of concerts that go on, especially in Bayfront Park in the summer. An example is the Trace Adkins concert the other night. Another is the Wille Nelson concert coming up. There are also a ton at the DECC arena, too, considering the newness of it and all. Michael Buble, Sheryl Crow, and many more have played there in the past few months even.

#3 Sporting Events. Duluth has a minor league baseball team, which means that there's another thing to do in Duluth. If you want to go see the Huskie's, just head on down to Wade Stadium. If you're looking to be a part of a sports team, many opportunities are also at your fingertips. Softball, volleyball, bowling, tennis, and bocce ball leagues are always going. You name it; I'm sure there's more where that came from, too!

#4 The Performing Arts. It's incredible how we often forget how lucky we are to have many theatres in our area. I think Christine Seitz is a major pushing force behind it, and she does a great job. There's the Duluth Playhouse, the Playground, Teatro Ziccone, and many more. And best of all, auditions are open to the public! And there's kid's shows too! If being IN the plays isn't so much your thing, then go and support them. The tickets are inexpensive for the type of talent that is displayed onstage. It's definately worth it. Being a college town as well, the University of Minnesota Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica put on many shows as well.

#5 The Symphony. Duluth has a symphony! Beautiful music, fancy dress, and everything in between can serve you to a wonderful evening. Be connected here.

#6 Go Run A Race! This pertains to #1 at points. 5k's are popping up all over the place, and they do two things. 1.) They help you get into shape and active. 2.) They raise money for wonderful causes. It really is a good idea. Some 5k's out there now are the Festival 5.1k, the Twig Firehouse 5k, and others. There is a list of others here.

#7 The Beach/Canal Park/The Board Walk. We live on one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the WORLD. Why don't we take advantage of it? You don't even have to swim, you can just bathe in the beautiful weather that we have down at Park Point. Plus, Canal Park is there with all the stores and food vendors you need. And maybe just after that you want to take the board walk up to the Rose Garden, which of course goes by the Portland Malt Shop. :) (This is the most obvious of choices in things to do here. I would limit this to maybe once or twice a year, myself, to really appreciate it.)

#8 Recreation Classes. Recently, some of my friends went down to the Y in Duluth to take spinning classes. I think it's a great idea just to go down there and do something like that. You always see in movies how friends go to yoga classes together. Why is it that I never hear about people doing that in real life. I suppose going to the gym fits in this category, too.

#9 Movies. We have four (or more) movie theatres in the area, plus a movie in the park program. Although this is also a common one to do, a movie is a movie is a movie. If you must see it, then why not? Right?

#10 Take a Hike! We have so many parks around here. Go for a picnic with a friend, hike up to Enger Tower, or play on the playground. No one is too old to have fun!

#11 --- Infinity
There really are infinite things you can do here. All you have to do is research and find them out for yourselves. Search the web. Google it! The website, "" also has a whole list of things to do.

And if you can't find anything there, remember that books are suppose to take you places too! :)

'Til next time.

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