Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kim Kardashian Used To Be a Professional Closet Organizer

While I was watching TV today, I saw a newsclip about some magazine spread about the Kardashian sisters. Evidently, they were looking at each other's closets. While I realized I will never have and will never want that many clothing items, I decided that, instead, I am excited to organize my books when the time comes to have my own house.

So many options, so many ways. But I think I've set my mind on one that I am satisfied with stylistically.

Have you ever seen the TV show "Parenthood"? It's on NBC. Here's a picture of the cast.

Anyway, I really love the show (It's one of my favorites.), but that's beside the point. It's about this grown family, obviously. There's grandma and grandpa, married sons and daughters, and then unmarried sons and daughters. Okay. Now that we have established that. They pulled in Julieann Getman, and she has done a phenomenal job in set design in each of the family's homes to really accentuate the characteristics of them. But again, that's beside the point. I'm going to have to talk about this when it premieres its third season this fall.

One design concerning books has been that of Camille's and Zeke's guest house, where Sarah stays, in the series.

Okay. I can't find a picture; I guess you'll just have to see the show and find it. :) But this picture is like it. They have just the longest shelves that stretch just below the ceiling. They're occupied by books and books and books. And I love it! It is really a nice alternative to the traditional bookshelf, in my opinion, and I cannot wait to do this in my own house.

I guess I should show you a picture of the house that the actual model piece is in, since the whole house has this amazing eclectic feel that I just fall in love with each time I see it. So here it is:

In the end, I'd much rather organize books than shoes. (Even though you can color code both.)

'Til next time!

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