Friday, August 5, 2011

Merrily Mimicking Mary

I want to first say that I was not "mimicking" Mary Tyler Moore directly. In fact, I fancy it as a brief coincidence... But maybe I should explain it first.

Do you see that "M" just to the right of Mary's head? Well, it is, in fact, a stylistic representation of everything Mary Tyler Moore. The absolute first thing that you should know is that I love Mary. She's great. I'm not even sorry to say I wrote her a letter once. (The fact that I know e-mailing her wouldn't have worked because she doesn't know how to use a computer is pathetic, but it served just in my deciding of what format to send her my condolences.) Back to the point. I think I may have "copied" her without knowledge. Let's go back six or seven years. I was completely redoing my room. Both then and now, I love the letter "R." (In all seriousness, who doesn't love the first letter of their name? People sometimes monogram it on towels, too; I'm not crazy.) And so, I enlisted some helpers to help me create this giant letter "R" out of cork board for yours truly to paint and slap on my wall. It still hangs there to this day (see below picture).

And so it's been on a journey and taken many different forms, including a change of hue every year or so. And so lives the loved decoration of a restless interior designer. The thing is that I didn't even know or come to love Mary (or seen her show yet) until two years ago, at which time I realized that Mary and me are both geniuses for have taken this monogrammed style to our walls. Well, us and many others. I guess that other people had the idea too. Here are some I found on a moment's notice:

(New Adventures of Old Christine. Notice the turned "U" that serves as her monogram madness! I especially love this one because it's "U"-nique as well as a character trait of hers... which would be kind of, well, not the sharpest crayon.)

But I'm CERTAIN that they actually copied Mary, instead of coincidentally doing the same thing. Either way, I love the fact that my "R" reminds me of dear Mary.

*Sidenote: The last video there is of Maria Macioce's creation. (A fellow filmmaker) It's her rendition of Mary's show's title. (Hi Maria! Did I do well on this plug?)

Let me know if you have a craving for monogrammed design features; I know I sure do!

'Til next time!

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