Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

The only horror movie I've ever seen is Bette Davis's "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" Do you know the one I mean? The one where a Shirley Temple-esque singer is adored by every crowd as a child but is turned away by the multitudes when she grows into a woman? That's the one.

No matter that it was made in 1962. No matter that Bette Davis stars in it with Joan Crawford as her sister. No matter that the music is beautifully composed. It is the single most terrifying movie I have EVER seen.

The main event opens in a decaying mansion that a grown Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) shares with her wheel-chair bound sister Blanche (Joan Crawford). The audience later learns that the star that was "Baby Jane," as she was dubbed as the child star, quickly fizzled away while her black sheep sister, Blanche, rose to be a movie star, beating out the star power that Jane ever had accumulated over her performing years. Until an accident, which left Blanche paralyzed from the waist-down, she was perfection. But now, Blanche whithers away, still a kind spirit, in an upstairs bedroom, needing the still embittered Jane to wait on her. Then, Jane gets an idea. She is to relive her glory days, take back what once was hers, beat out her sister's fame that still lingers on TV movie reruns! And she goes to try to fulfill her dream...

It's sibling rivalry at its best, if you ask me. It truly is a haunting story, considering the things Jane's mind starts to concoct as her plan starts to unravel.

One of the absolute creepiest scenes is Baby Jane reliving her hit, "I've Written A Letter To Daddy."

It truly is a frightening film. Every player does an equally terrifying performance. It is quite a peice, but I would recommend it to anyone. After all, there was a montage of horror films at the Oscar's last year, and this one made the cut.

Go and watch this movie; let me know what you think!!!

'Til next time!

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