Friday, August 26, 2011

To Clean Or Not To Clean? THAT Is the Question.

Today, it was yes.

Have you ever been so lazy that you just absentmindedly throw things in a corner? Have you ever waited on doing a project and just tuck something away for a "short" time? Have you ever let dust build up an inch behind your TV? Have you participated in spring cleaning on the eve of fall?!?!!!!

These are the harrowing questions that I had to answer today as our family went full-"pledge" on cleaning our downstairs.

There was a mirror leaning up against a wall that must be put up. There were discarded doors that are to be hung up later but for now put in storage. There were bunnies running on the wood floor! (dust bunnies)

It was as if I stepped into my nightmare for a second and couldn't wake up! It was awful.

There are two problems with this whole scenario, if you ask me.

1.) You thought that my house was a garage apartment, meaning the downstairs is the garage and therefore has a right to be this way. It's not.

2.) Everyone in my household is considered particularly clean and tidy. I learned otherwise today.

3.) (Just for good measure.) My mom actually works as a janitor part-time. The other part is at a shoe store, but that's beyond the point.

And so we went to work.

Hanging up mirrors, vacuuming walls, dusting, redesigning the wall space, watching TV after we gave up, cleaning the fireplace, squirming at the thought that a spider could build a web in an open spot. And to think I breathe in that air! It was much worse than you could ever imagine. Who knew that piling up things in a non-orderly fashion could end up in a pile of pure manure-esque fashion. You know that smell of a lot of dust in one area? Well, I do. I also realized that I may not have had allergies this whole time!

I can't even imagine living in some of those houses that they have on A&E's "Hoarders." We were about... well 1/32 of the way there. But still!

This is not my house. I know that you thought it was, but it's just a picture I googled.

Moral of the story? Set up a date each month that you do nothing but clean. You don't even have to do each room per month! Just one room a month! I beg of you!!!

'Til next time!

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