Thursday, August 25, 2011


Cross breeds confuse me, so you can imagine my great perplexity when my mom came home with a lemon melon the other day.

You guessed it! Half lemon, half melon (or something like that) this fruit seems a little fishy to me, but it tastes good! It's super weird, and I was and am still skeptical about it. Nonetheless, since our first melon, my parents went to go buy another one, claiming that "It tastes so good! I wonder if they all taste like that."
"Well, it tastes so good because you have to let it ripen on the counter," my mom points out.
Okay, mom.
Either way, they did go pick up a second melon, which is sitting on my counter waiting to be devoured for dinner. I'm sure my parents would tell you to "run, not walk, to Sam's Club (or your Sam's Club equivalent) to pick one up."

And just when I thought crossbreeding was sticking to unicorns, centeurs, labradoodles, and puggles. Now we're eating them?! I bet Dolly the Sheep would think it's pretty conservative, though. You know... considering... never mind.

On that note, I wonder what people who eat organic food have to say to this, eating a "lemon melon." They would probably have to say the same thing I'd have to say about cloning. "DON'T DO IT!" I could get into exactly why this is the creepiest thing ever and that we shouldn't play God, but I can save that for a later post, if it so strikes me.

Hey, at least they crossed fruits with the same letters in them.

'Til next time!

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