Monday, August 1, 2011

Upon the Checker Table

Please direct your attention to the right pane! Introducing the new segment of my blog:  "Upon the Checker Table."

As may be apparent from other blog postings, I love books. I love to read them. I love the covers. I love the smell of them. And from this day forward, I want to share the books I am reading with you! Possibly, you could even read the same book, and we could discuss it? Have a little book group, so to speak?

Explaining it all, I recently redid my room and I found a neat little antique checker table from a shop in Cloquet. It really was quite a find. Only $15! I was so excited when I found it. But I have also found that since it has nestled itself a permanent place in my room, I stack my current reads, as well as some "on deck" reads on there. Here's a picture of the table and its furnishings:

And I thought it would make for a new blog feature! I really hope you enjoy it. Maybe I'll also do a quick response as one of my posts after I finish turning the leaves.

Now, this brings us to the first entry. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I'll let you know about what I think soon!

'Til next time.

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