Saturday, September 10, 2011


For the life of me, I will never understand the concept of clapping. Is there one?

Obviously, it's there for you to applaude someone or something. But check it out. As a group we clap...

-At the end of a play.
-At the end of a musical number.
-During intense moments in speeches.
-After an injured player walks off the playing area.
-To cheer on a sports team.
-To ask for an encore.
-To get someone's attention.
-To get a pet's attention. (They're the same thing as "someone," but I thought I'd just clarify.)
-To keep the beat during songs.

Okay, I can understand after a musical performance or for an encore, and maybe even after a speech. A few problems with it:

1.) Why clap during a speech? The person's trying to talk. Is it necessary to stand up and clap at them? I noticed this in the President's address to congress the other night. Every time he said anything important, half the room stood up and clapped. How annoying. You can't "root" him on, like a sports fan. It's congress! To show their approval? Yes, but why don't they just write it down and facebook it later on or something? A thousand people analyze those things. Maybe the decibels of applause are like "hits" on a website. The more, the better the speech? We'll never know!

2.) Applauding a hurt sports player isn't a big deal, unless people cheer for this more than anything else in the game. Last year, I attended such an event. How many people got hurt? I can't even remember there were so many! It was just nauseating clapping over and over again. The players obviously weren't good enough to get the ball in the hoop to have normal cheering. It was pathetic!

3.) No one should "clap" at somebody. Rude.

4.) No group can keep the beat during songs. (Especially in a huge group.) It shouldn't be done.

And so ends my rant on clapping. There should be social rules about this. Maybe I can discover them and parlay them to the bigwigs at the social institute... or maybe I'm just crazy...
'Til next time!

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  1. Here, Here! Good points. I think this may stem from growing up at Faith, just my guess. On a separate note, I can't get over how prolific you are. How do you do it? Also, how did you get the "And on the bookshelf" widget to the right column? I'll like one of those too! It is cool!


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