Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dreaming By the Book

A couple months ago, I had the scariest dream I have ever had. And you know those dreams that you can't remember anything about when you wake up? This wasn't like that. I remember every detail.

The Context:
It was just a normal night. I don't even think I was thinking about anything even related to the Hunger Games. If I recall correctly, my psychology class was discussing the cause and meaning of dreams at the time. Evidently, one of the purposes of them is to ready the body, mentally and physically, for real life events. Interesting enough, right? I thought it was. I remember being exhausted that night, so I just settled in and fell asleep.

The Plot:
The platform underneath my feet was buzzing with life until it came to a jerking stop. I looked around me. Dirt filled the surrounding area, and I realized that I wasn't the only one on a platform. Surrounding a giant, shimmering golden cornucopia were twenty four other participants, who seemed to be getting ready for something. I was lost until the gong sounded. Was this really the hunger games?
I couldn't compete with these people. I'd probably be the biggest target out in the blood bath. I am 6'6". I just turned around. A forest was straight ahead; a lake was only faintly in the distance to the left. I started running right between the two, not really sure where I was going, just stumbling forward. But I knew I needed shelter. I ran to the woods.
Running, running, running. I finally stopped after I just couldn't anymore. Okay. I sit down, too tired to care that I hated wooded areas. How did I get here? I had no recall. There must have been interviews, a reaping, everything that goes along with it, but what happened? What is my public persona? What do people expect out of me?
I ravage the woods for the following couple days. I don't have any supplies, but where would I get them? I don't have the audacity to kill somebody for theirs. I hear a rustle somewhere. I turn around. Nothing. I hear another rustle. I turn around again. Nothing. It must be the wind.
Just then, somebody drops down in front of me. She's a girl, maybe a couple years older than me, obviously more intelligable at this survival stuff. I wince as I ready for my death.
"So I got the supplies like you said. I'm glad I could find you. It's a lot bigger than I expected."
I open my eyes as I realize she's holding out a knife for me, not at me. "Oh. So are we a team then?"
"That was the plan, wasn't it?"
I give a smile and take the knife. "Thanks."
"Thank you."
We start walking, "Did you recognize any of the mentors from previous years? You know, you better watch out for Enobaria." It turns out that this year must have been a quarter quell. From my understanding of my dream, each district sent in one boy/girl, depending on a random drawing for each, and a previous victor of the opposite gender joined the one who was reaped.

At this point, my dream fast-forwarded. I'm not sure why. I may just have forgotten half of what happened.

We're running across a field, which is sparsely planted with towering pines. It reminds me of a golf course, actually. The sky is threatening, a green color. The winds are strong and almost pushing each one of us over.
A bomb explodes far to our left. At this point, I realize we have an older man, a girl that's maybe 15, and a small boy that's maybe 14 with us. She looks she could stand a fight, but he's small of stature.
"Hurry! If we don't --- " A bomb explodes behind us. We zig-zag over from the main field into a smaller grove of trees.
Naturally, I'm confused as ever. "Why are we running?!" I ask.
"The gamemakers. They activated land mines in the arena. If you step on one, you have ten seconds to get as far away as possible." I still don't know this girl's name, nor will I ever, but we seem to have been in this all along.
"By my calculations, there's only eight people left in the game, split into two groups of course."
"Do you think we'll be able to overtake the Careers' camp, though?" questions his girl companion. They must be from the same district. His white hair indicates a lifetime of stress, but he doesn't look old at all. I would say early forties. Her flaxen locks indicate a pampered childhood. Their facial features align in that same-district sort of way. Their complexion is creamy and pink, like a baby's.
"We'll never know until we try," chimes in my partner.
The boy, who has an eerie expression of sadness, stands by, quiet. He has dark brown hair and big brown eyes.
"Then what's our plan, Heifer?" the blonde girl  asks. That must be the old man's name.
"Let's see." He puts on a far off look. "I got it. Livestock are only comforted when they know everything is safe, right?"
"Sure, but how does that help us," the girls asks.
"Auro, it's simple. We mock the cannon, making the Careers think they're the only ones left."
"That'll never work," I say. "How are we going to make that loud of sound?"
"Simple. But we'll have to go near the lake for it."
And so we begin on our way. We walk along the straggled pine trees to escape the land mines and for concealment, but we hardly see anything that could harm us near.
We stop about halfway to the lake. At this point, we had just made our way up a hill and can see the lake, the woods I originally ran to, and the cornucopia. Down below us is a huge valley of grain.
We sit down. Heifer pulls out a block of cheese and some crackers that are thin, look dry, and consist mostly of whole grains. "What time is it?" my partner asks.
"Hm." Heifer stands up and walks out where the sun is shining. Naturally, we follow him. We want to know how to tell time, too, if something ever happens, right? We all look up in the sky, blocking the sun from our eyes. "It looks like it's around maybe..." He lets out some sort of weird sound, like a "Ga-humph."
We all look down. The boy with sad eyes pulls out a bloody knife from Heifer's gut.

This is where the dream turns weird...

The whole field starts to spin as I start to grasp the right side of my stomach, trying to hold my gray intestines in. They keep falling out, and blood pours out, drenching my shirt. I guess I turned into Heifer or something?

The Result:
I wake up right at this point, panting, yelling, sweating, and grasping my right side, which hurts.
I'm telling you, it was the strangest thing. I kid you not, though. All of it really happened. I had a half hour before when I would regularly wake up, so I just sat there, trying to regain some composure. Afraid I was going to forget the dream, because I knew I had to tell my friends, I recalled it over and over again until I had to get up for the day.

Relating to Others:
Several months later, my friend (who I made read the Hunger Games in the first place) came up to me all excited. "Guess what!? I had a dream about the Hunger Games last night. It was super weird because I was like in this big crowd, and I didn't know what was going on, so I started to leave. All of a sudden, a lady on a stage called some girl's name. I didn't know who it was, but I started running up to the stage and volunteered to go in her spot. That's when I realized that that was my little sister's name! I was Katniss. It was so weird! I can't even explain it."
Of course, we had to swap stories. I told her mine... It went on for awhile.

So are we being prepared to go into the Hunger Games? Not likely, but you never know, I guess.

Did any of you out there have any dreams about being in the Hunger Games? Obviously, it's not an uncommon thing because both my friend and I had one. So let me know in the comments, please! :)

'Til next time!


  1. Hahaha heck yes I've dreamed about the Hunger Games! Not as detailed as your dream but when I was reading the books I kept dreaming I was Katniss and two of my guy friends were Peeta and Gale. I just remember thinking in my dream "Gosh, why don't these guys get that I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED TO THEM!" Hahahaha. XD

  2. Just picked up the Temple Wars book! Book 1 is fascinating and had me engaged from page one! You guys should check it out! Temple Wars


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