Friday, September 2, 2011

E-Books: Stepping On the Bad Side?

You've heard of 'em. There's the Nook, the iPad, the Kindle. And more.

Do we need them? Certainly not. Do we want them? Yes. But why? I can think of a few reasons...

-You can get your books at the drop of a hat.
-You can carry a hundred books with you at once.
-It has an instant book mark.
-They're shiny.

Okay, so maybe that last one was a bit frivolous, but is this new gadget getting the better of us? Is the glitz and glam of this technology drawing our worried and simple minds to a world where we burn paper books and send robotic dogs after Montag? You decide.

As for me, I like the feeling of a book in my hand, the physical and sound existence of a story. The idea that a purely abstract work, conceived in the mind, could make that jump into a physical sense is amazing. I love that feeling, the feeling of pages flipping and the sense of accomplishment that comes with each one. Seeing how far you are into the book by looking where your bookmark is from the top just is wonderful. 

So, now that you know how I feel about it, how do you feel? Let me know in this handy poll! (And with your comments. :) )

'Til next time!

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