Monday, September 5, 2011

Flipping Through the Pages of My Book

Yesterday, I decided that I should go through my blog and read it. At this point, I wanted at least one pageview. The fact that it's just me is pretty sad. But I came to the conclusion that I should work on some things in my blog. Namely, two main things that need to be addressed are my writing skills as well as an overall purpose for it. Don't try to fight me on this; they're horrible!

While "perusing my posts," I realized that the fluency that should be there just... well... isn't. Crap. Have you heard about the 7 rules of revision? Obviously I haven't either. Shouldn't I have been watching out for this kind of stuff all along? I wanted my voice in this format to be similar to witty banter. Have I achieved this? No. Maybe I'm a perfectionist and am being hard on myself? Yes to the first; no to the latter. This stinks. I need help. Too bad there's not a self help book on blogging.

But what does it hurt, blogging without any care in the world? The obvious answer is me. I always wanted to be a phenomenal writer. I always wanted people to fall in love with my words. After all, people love words. Just look at classic novels! My writing is not as such, which is why I'm doing this in the first place, I suppose. In short, my ego is bruised, severely. Maybe I should strive to hone my posts as if to turn them into a teacher for grading; that would be an idea! I know for a fact that my composition teacher would probably puke if she saw this.

But before I change everything about my writing style in this blog, I ask myself, "What is the point of blogging?" Some obvious answers are out there. One of which entails writing to an audience, feeling appreciated for actually having an audience receive the work you've done. The other suggests a sense of accomplishment in a life, documenting "you" at a certain point in time. What is my objective? These are the things I'm trying to find out.

Also, while I'm reading the novel Julie and Julia, in which Julie Powell blogs about her journey of conquering Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1, I have decided that I need to narrow down my topic. What is the point of this? What should I write about? My life seems like too big of a subject. 

Does it seem silly that I'm blogging about blogging? Probably. Did I need to write this down for you to read? Probably not. Do I need to figure out where I'm going with this whole thing? Yes.

I'll do a favor for all of us and start thinking about it. I could set a goal that I could blog about each day. Would that work? I could make a bucket list and blog about how I fulfilled each one of the items. That would last a lifetime I'm sure. You know what? I'll just mull it over and get (Revision rule number 3) return back to you with an answer. Reading 365 books in a year? (Is that even possible?) I'll figure it out.

'Til next time!

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