Sunday, September 4, 2011


Now don't get your panteyhose in a bundle. I'm not leaving the blogging world, although many of you may wish it were so. This is to acknowledge the run that Catch Me If You Can had on Broadway. Its last show was today.

I know! I know! I'm sorry that I made you cry, but it's just a fact that we must all deal with in some way, shape, or form. The only hope that we have is a tour that is hopefully coming our way.

For the unfamiliar readers, Catch Me If You Can, based on the blockbuster movie of the same name, follows con-artist Frank Abagnale, Jr. in his ever-changing societal roles. From pilot, doctor, lawyer, etc., it truly is a fascinating and heartwarming story. Starring Aaron Tveit, Kerry Butler, and Norbert Leo-Butz, it is, I'm sure, a fantastic show. I wish I had been to New York to see it, but alas, it was not in the cards.

Some of you may not have even known this was going on; I think it hit Broadway earlier this year. I'm not sure how the reviews and stuff were, but I saw glimpses of it every so often and thought it would have been a wonderful show. I'm not sure if I really enjoy the story that much, even though it is quite enthralling, but I love musicals, so I don't care a can of corn. I would've seen it, especially because of the stars in it being some of my favorites.

Personally, there's a backstory for me:  I was highly anticipating this production from the first announcement of it. With music and lyrics written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman of Hairspray fame, I knew it was gonna be a good one! When it went on stage, I was actually hoping to whisk off to New York in a whirlwind of events and take in the show. That didn't happen. Did I mind? I was too busy with life, anyway. But when I realized that they were giving away 5 copies of the original cast soundtrack on their facebook page, I was pretty much the first in line.
Answering the prompt of "Why do you deserve to win a soundtrack?" or something like that, I wrote about a recent incident regarding my dog. You see, our family recently (at the time) put wood flooring in our basement. Paired with the fact that our dog is a tad on the elderly side, gets stuck downstairs, and pees in disgust or to relieve her urine tract from infection, it didn't end up good. I wrote, "Because I recently almost got my right pinkie toe severed off by slipping in my dog's pee," on there and called it good. It actually did happen. It scarred me for life. I really don't want to talk about it.
Lucky winner right here! A week later, I got the CD in the mail. Score. "Duh. Winning." <--- (I saw this quote on a t-shirt today; who knew Charlie Sheen had such inspiring quotes up his sleeve?) I hadn't realized that people wanted me to talk about my dog that can't hold her pee. Who knew?!

Anywho, I'm glad I at least have a soundtrack. I missed my opportunity, though. Hopefully it comes on tour, and hopefully it meets my expectations. I know that some of the songs are good at least. The following snip-its are from two of my favorites. "Goodbye" and "Fly, Fly Away"

They're also sung by two of my favorite actors. Thank you, Aaron Tveit and Kerry Butler. I owe you one.

Hmmm... sad. I have to go dress in black clothes now and softly cry myself to sleep. NOT! I'll catch it on tour sometime. I hope you'll do the same.

'Til next time!

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