Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If I Was a Purple Octupus Named Ursula...

I would be a cold-hearted, switch-dealin' swindler that steals Adele's voice.

It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard, and I just can't get enough. Prime example:

This morning, I was listening to the radio. Her song, "Someone Like You," came on, and there was a spark. I had heard this song before. But I found that I had never heard it. It was like a lightbulb went on. It is so brilliant that I could not stop thinking about it the rest of the day. It was as such that I needed to go onto youtube and find it again later that afternoon. It's just so luscious and raw.

As for Adele, I heard one of my mom's friends recommending her music to my mom about a month or so ago. Recalling it suggests that the context focused on singers today and how there's no good ones. (I'll be the first to agree.) But my mom's friend said, "Have you heard of Adele?" Naturally, I had. "Rolling in the Deep," blah, blah, good song... that's all I knew. "Well, you have to hear her. She is just like singer's from our day. She's amazing!" I never really understood her excitement until this song clicked it into me this morning.

So there you have it.

And that's why I would steal her voice, along with some others' voices too, if I was Ursula.

'Til next time!

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