Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Ladies in the Background

Is there anybody classier than the First Ladies of America? Let's count 'em off. There's Jackie O, Laura Bush, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, and the list goes on and on and on...

So here's the breakdown. Maybe you don't agree with what each one pushes for, but is that the point? Really, people! From what I've observed in my years is that these ladies are the deciding factor in the campaign, whether it seems like it or not.

Their style, elegance, and taste make it or break it. If you recall how much Michelle Obama's clothing choices were scrutinized in the 2008 election, you'll get the full picture. She pulled off everything she wore. The rest? History. Do you think any past president would be elected if he had a frumpy wife? Personally, I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just my naive opinion. (History agrees with me, too. Just look at catalogues of all the prez wives.) Plus, people keep saying that presidents have charisma and charm. Nah ah! Like how some wives hold the check book, these ladies hold the personality. 

And it's just amazing the pressures put upon these gals. The astounding, but not surprising, thing is that they seem to come out on top every time unscathed. By some odd miracle, each one's inner beauty outshines the perfected vanity. And when you're talking about some of the most beautiful ladies in the world, that's a feat!

And just think about everything they've experienced in their lives. We can only be thankful that they write books to pass on their supreme wisdom to us. This whole concept reminds me of a song from Hairspray. (On a side note, I've realized that musicals hold the keys to politics. Listen to Wicked's "Popular" to see what I'm talking about.)

"Lancelot had Gwenovere / Mrs. Claus has Old St. Nick / Romeo had Juliet / And Liz, well, she has her Dick..."

So true! Who are these men without these ladies? Bacteria? Couch potatoes? Pond scum? There's no way we'll ever find out... and it's all due to these classy girls!

Wear those pearls, Eleanor! You go, girl!

In conclusion, thank you ladies for your service to America. Who knew that style, elegance, and fashion would be so coveted and the ultimate campaign technique.

'Til next time!

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