Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lady A

If I had my own little awards show where I celebrated everything that I love, Lady Antebellum would definitely be on the list of nominees.

I don't want to be pretentious, but it's pretty obvious why. I think and feel that the blend of male and female voices is just the greatest phenomenon ever. (The Carpenters, Alphabeat, etc.) And now I'm adding this country tinge to my list of favorites. A prime example why is below.

They became this global thing only a year or two after they made the group! Charles Kelly was a construction worker who moved from North Carolina; Dave Haywood moved from Georgia to write music for Kelly; and Hilary Scott found Kelly on myspace and started to talk about the whole idea. This was in 2006.

The rest of it is history. In 2008, they came out with their first album, which dominated the charts with "I Run to You," "Need You Now," and "American Honey." Amazing? I think so. They attribute their initial success to having ties in the industry. Isn't that how everything is?

I really only did this post because of this video, though:

It's hilarious, and I love it. My family, both immediate and extended, has a severe case of golfing on the brain. Even though I probably go only once a year, I like it too. So I can relate and get all of these jokes. (I know what you're thinking. Golfing in Minnesota? There may only be three good months of it, but it's three months! The golfing season is pretty much over now, though... it's September.)

Oh, Lady Antebellum. :) You guys are just the greatest! Hahaha!
'Til next time!

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