Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Play the Name Game!

I am deeply fascinated with the idea of names. Why? They, in many ways, define your character, whether you believe it or not. Not to say that every name defines everyone's character... But I think you get the point.

In such, I wanted to have a reason for finding out what some of my friends' names are. So...

It's not much of  a game because I pretty much just tell you names and their meanings, but doesn't the word "game" make it sound a lot more fun? Anway...

Sierra: From the Spanish language, it means "saw," as in a mountain range or natural feature. It can be linked to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Miranda: This name is of latin orange and means "worthy of admiration."

Julia: It's Latin and means "youthful."

Savanna: It's a variant of "Savannah" in the Spanish language and means "treeless plain." The Savannah that I know was named after a savannah that her family lived on, which is very interesting.

Jacob/Jamie: This is of Hebrew origin and means, "He who supplants (replaces)." I'm not really sure what to say about that one. These are two of my closest friends as well.

Henry: Of Old German origin, Henry means "home ruler." I'm gonna have to agree with this one for personal reasons. My brother's name is Henry.

Kaylyn:  It's a variant of Kayla and means "slim and fair." The Kaylyn I know would like to know that it's related to the name "Lynn."

Jenn: It's from Welsh origins and means "fair and smooth."

Aaron: It's Hebrew and means "mountain of strength."

Jana (I hope you're reading this.): Of Hebrew origin, it means "God is gracious." I never knew that. Great name!

Charles/Charlie: It's Germanic and means "free man." I really like this name, by the way.

Russell (That's me!): It's of Old French origin and means "little red." It's too funny because I am neither little or red.

Roy: (That's my middle name!): This one's of Irish and Gaelic origins and means "red."

So I'm named "Little Red Red." I don't think my parents knew that when I was named. Let me check quick.

Nope they didn't know.

Aren't names fascinating?! I just love 'em like beans in a big pot o' chili! <--- That didn't just happen. It's just cold and I want chili. Sorry you had to witness it.

Anyway, this is Little Red Red signing out!

Go look up your name!

'Til next time!

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  1. This is too funny because my name's meaning does describe me. Julia means "youthful one" and I really do look young for my age. People always guess I'm 14-16 when I'm actually nearly 19..... >.<


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