Monday, September 26, 2011

A Novel Idea

I have always wanted to publish a book. In fact, it's part of my to-be-released bucket list, which will take a prominent place on this blog in weeks (or days?!) to come. And so the journey begins.

I find that with every writing the hardest part is coming up with the initial idea. Planning it out is just so daunting. Could my story be contained in one book? What if it's compared against another writer's ideas? How am I supposed to stand out? It's difficult, to say the least. Nonetheless, I have a feeling that I just need to put pen to page. I've jotted down ideas for months and possibly even years. I started out in a play format, but my imagination seemed to push past those boundaries. One day...

Plus, I don't think anybody goes into something with a sub-par goal. That best-seller list awaits! Why not shoot for the stars, right? After all, do you think that Suzanne Collins went into writing the Hunger Games saying, "I don't really care if anyone likes it. I don't even care if anyone reads it."? I don't think so! She wanted other people to know this story that had so captured her mind! She wanted people to indulge in what she so loved!

And so I start. A blank tablet awaits, and it's my turn to mold a story of wonder and hope, justice and intrigue. It's my turn.

'Til next time!

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