Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"So when you're near me, darling can't you hear me? S.O.S.!" Nope.

*Myriads of children and parents stand in front of a wrecking ball.
Not quite.

Saving ornate suitcases? Now that's more like it!

It's really no secret that I love old timey interior design stuff. So you may not be surprised at what this post is aiming at. In a nutshell, I love decorating with suitcases.

I told this to my friend's mom once, (don't ask why; I have no idea) and she said that she does the same thing. "If you ever have any suitcases you want to get rid of down the line, you should definitely give 'em to me." Long story short, I went to my friend's house. Her mom has one suitcase. I'm pretty sure she said "suitcases." O-kay. She must have been aspiring. After all, they are hard to come by intact.

The suitcases I have in my room sure were! One was a down-and-out that was headed straight to the dumpster from my high school theatre department. Good thing I was there to save the day. About five hundred pounds of hot craft glue later, (What? I didn't sew at the time!) it is a shining peice in my room. :) Another is this great silver/red pinstriped one that my mom had since she was little. Good thing that she took care of her stuff well. It's now sitting in my room. P.S. I'm way too lazy to upload pictures of those right now and how I used them in my room, so you can just imagine.

But they're just really innovative and fun. They have fun lining designs, fun exterior designs, the works! They're one of the reasons I would want to live in, like, say the '20's or something. Maybe they didn't have those in the twenties. Either way, I still would like to live when they had 'em. Yes sir-e, Bob.

Plus, I think my love for them solidified when I saw Andrea McArdle, the original Annie, make a guest appearance in the 1997 Disney TV movie as the "Star-to-be" in the "N-Y-C" number.

Okay. So it was '99. Sorry! Sheesh! But wasn't she great!? And the suitcases!? Now, you may think that I'm a nobody because I prefer this film to the original film musical, but I grew up with this one, so just sit down. It's great fun. And even though it doesn't have Carol Burnett in it... we're not going there.

So yeah. Suitcases. Love 'em? Hate 'em? What? Leave some comments, if you want. What? No? Okay, that's fine too.

'Til next time.

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