Friday, October 14, 2011

The Most Ingenious Sale I've Seen Yet

I've seen thousands of sales. Red banners fluttering on the exterior of a building, big cardboard signs decorating the store, scratch-off opportunities at check-out: they could all be considered an example. However, I think I've found the best idea for one yet.
"They could pop a balloon and get their savings!"
I'm sure the intern of the store said this exact thing when he (or she) conceived this ingenious idea. What's more fun than popping a balloon? Nothing. What's more annoying than hearing a balloon pop? Nothing. Okay, so maybe there are some flaws, but for the eager consumer like myself, hearing one balloon pop and then seeing a fluttering piece of paper that says I saved up to 80% off sounds like a good deal. "I just bought this $80 sweatshirt for sixteen BUCKS!" I can see it now. Jumping up and down, slow motion, smiling with the Chariots of Fire theme in the background. Ah! Sales.

And really. What is better than a sale?  Excluding that you're buying something that you typically wouldn't buy and probably don't need or want, it's a great bargain. And who isn't up for a bargain? And when you see that shiny new thing that you never knew you wanted before, it's like Christmas. Everything else melts away and that one material possession becomes your whole world. It's pure exhilaration and joy!

So why not add a balloon to the mix? My mom works in retail, so I'm gonna just go ahead and suggest it to her. She's probably gonna throw a dart at it, (get it? balloons? Haha!) but I think it's a great idea!

'Til next time!

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