Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

It's not much a secret that I'm a TV addict. A clear example is my current list of shows I watch and/or were looking forward to at the beginning of the fall season, which you can find here. Anyway, once upon a time, I was addicted to the show Heroes.

I won't deny it. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Considering it was on Monday nights, however, I really didn't have anything else going. To recap the series in its entirety (*SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!) it went a little something like this.

Cheerleader discovers she's indistructable. Politician finds out he can fly. Peter Petrelli is a chameleon. Masi Oka time travels. Mom has split personality. Scary guy kills people to get their powers. Oh and that one guy painted the future. Hence, "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Peter Petrelli is all like, "Oh! We gotta save that hot blonde girl!"
Terri Schuester from Glee turns out to be the Cheerleader's mom. She eventually dies because she can control fire. The politician (aka Peter's brother) turns out to be the cheerleader's mom, which means Peter Petrelli can't be like, "Oh! We gotta save that hot blonde girl!" anymore. The cheerleader was the actress in Remember The Titans. Can you say famous?
They save the cheerleader.

The mom's kid can control technology. The mom sleeps with the politician because she doesn't have a job. Masi Oka falls in love with a diner girl who is actually Jayma Mays who is actually Charlie in the show who is actually Emma in Glee. She dies because she has a power and Syler (aka the bad guy) wants her power. Masi Oka tries to save her by going back in time, but his powers are all whacked and he goes back to feudal times in China. He's stuck there for some time and meets this one guy that is indestructible like the cheerleader. He was a legend that Masi was quite fond of as a child. He lives forever and turns up later in the series in modern day. Scary!

When he finally goes back, Masi overshoots and sees the future and sees Peter Petrelli blow up Manhattan. Or was that in the painting? Oh yeah. Cause he inherited those powers from... I don't know.

It's all really complicated, but I really did love this show. I have the first two seasons. There's kind of a lot of death, but it's refreshing because it's not one of those EVERYONE-LIVES-HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER kind of things like Superman or Spiderman. It's good. And the summary above doesn't even start to scratch the surface.

Did any of you guys watch it?

'Til next time!

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