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The Hunger Games Trailer - Part 2 - Casting

As many of you know, I've been on the fence about how The Hunger Games movie will be. I think the trailer is yet another signifier of this love-hate relationship. Thus, below will be, first, the trailer itself for your viewing pleasure and, second, my comprehensive look at what works and what doesn't, in my opinion, taking into account the book's technicalities and descriptions. This post will be distributed among the rest of the week, presenting a pro and con each day.

Okay, this isn't a pro and con list. It's just a list. Either way, it shows the casting I think works so far! :)
Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen. When first casted, Jennifer Lawrence was probably my last choice for Katniss. After all, she's blonde, blue-eyed, and rather tall. When Josh Hutcherson was cast as Peeta, I didn't like Jenn for the casting at all because they're the same height and Peeta is quite a bit taller than Katniss (a weakling compared to the rest of the tributes) in the book. Furthermore, I felt the movie couldn't portray her as a character that didn't stand a chance if she was towering over the other characters. That's why she needs a bow to begin with:  she's too nimble to man-handle people. While these physical differences posed a challenge, from what I see so far, I'm satisfied. Is she my ideal Katniss? No. Is she the best person for the part. Judging on demeanor and acting skills, yes. Praise for Jennifer!
Josh Hutcherson, Peeta Mellark. This was one of the riskiest casting choices for me. Growing up with this all-American, pouty-faced boy in many movies throughout my lifetime, I just felt that he didn't have the emotional depth that was required of the soft-spoken, wise, and able-bodied Peeta. The physical features didn't play in his favor as well, I grant you. However, I see a maturity in this part that I haven't seen in other movies. It may be too soon to judge by a three-second appearance by him, but Peeta's perfect balance of boyhood and ruthless competitor seems to come into play here. That's two for two!
Liam Hemsworth, Gale Hawthorne. I may be bias because he's dating Miley Cyrus (or was, or is, or will in the future), but Liam Hemsworth is not Gale in my nor anyone I've talked to's eyes. He's large, bulky, and just starting out. I think a big factor in Josh's and Jenn's success is their experience in such emotionally impacting movies. I don't have trust in Liam just yet. After all, I don't think making out with Miley Cyrus shows any ability. He's a far departure from the skinny, starving, strong-willed boy from District 12. He's more soft, and all, "Have you ever thought of running away?" with no hatred in his voice at all at the government wronging citizens left and right. But then again it's just the trailer. (So far, I'm not impressed.) Plus, he's going to be like... 50? when the final Mockingjay movie comes out. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but he'll be totally old whereas Jenn and Josh will still be mildly of age.
Woody Harrelson, Haymitch Abernathy. I think we saw a total of maybe three seconds of Haymitch in this trailer. Therefore, I can't really judge him. However, the long blonde hair? I read an article saying Woody was given the independance to pick the look for Haymitch. Did he draw it from the book? I was told by another reader that Haymitch does in fact have long blonde hair in the book, but I didn't pick that up when reading. I always thought he was paunchy, balding, and dead in the eyes. Woody Harrelson's Haymitch is anything but that. Then again, I thought Rue was Latina. More on Haymitch later.
Wes Bentley, Seneca Crane. I had no idea who this was before the HG movie, however I did think it was Jude Law (Thanks, Julia!) And can Jude Law do any wrong? Look at Wes' beard! Look at his reaction to Jenn! He's PERFECT! Even though he is behind this scenes, I do believe this character will be one of my favorites in the book. It always intrigued me. If anyone can pull off this devious, almost-in-the-dark character, it's the one I thought who was Jude, which is actually Wes!
Donald Sutherland, President Snow. I've always thought that Donald Sutherland was epic. I don't think I've ever seen him without white hair, he's awesome, and he's awesome. In the royal pecking order, he's definitely up there for sure, assuming Hollywood is like a monarchy. Anyway, I thought he would have puffier lips, but I think his beard is quite enough for that perfect symbol of power in the Capitol. I just have one question. Did he actually grow that beard? For reals?
Stanley Tucci, Caesar Flickerman. I can't say enough about Stanley Tucci. At the beginning, I thought the part should go to Martin Short because he's just a dynamic character. After all, he did play Frank (Fronk?) in Father of the Bride. However, I had complete faith in Stanley to pull off the role. It seems like he did from this brief clip. Not only was he blessed with one of the best costumes in the whole movie, but he clearly knows what he's doing. Spinning Katniss, doing all of that exaggerated stuff that only Caesar would do. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it all entails. He's always so good though. Did I expect anything less?
Elizabeth Banks, Effie Trinkett. Holy cow! She's the best ever! Since she's a contemperary actress, I had complete prejudice that she wouldn't pull this off. But she's completely different from anything I've seen so far from her. It must be the make-up. But seriously, she had me with the simple furl of her hand in that fish bowl. Did you see it? And then she snatched it up? TO DIE FOR! Great job, Elizabeth! The beckoning of Peeta, too. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Her kinesics, vocalics, everything. Marvelous. Faith restored in the character of Effie.
Alexander Ludwig, Cato. I have yet to see what this casting choice will entail. Obviously, he looks like he'll be the bad tribute that Cato is in the books, but have you heard his voice? I'm not sure if the yelling while being pinned to the ground... (That's a spoiler... I can't tell you that.) But I'm not sure if the voice will match up. Have you heard interviews with him in it? You should. I'm a bit scared though. I always saw Cato as a brown-haired buzz cut kind of guy. To see those blonde spikes made me nervous to begin with. We'll see.
Amanda Stenberg, Rue. Can I just say that I love Rue? Can I just say that I love Rue even more after seeing this trailer? Seriously, she is just the best person to play this role. Her peeking around the corner, unsure of herself? There's not much to judge the performance on, but come movie time, I definitely think she'll be one to watch. Considering that she's age appropriate helps a whole bunch too! Can't wait to see how her character comes to life! :)

Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow, we'll be looking at the cinematography used in the trailer and how that stands up with the books.

'Til next time!

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!!!! Haha. I'm so Hunger Games obsessed its not even funny. :P

    JLaw is definitely proving that she has the acting chops to pull this off. She still looks a bit old to me and yeah she's way too tall but honestly acting is what's important and she's got that in spades. When she volunteers in the trailer I choke up everytime. :P

    As for Josh I just LOVE him. I really disliked Peeta in the books (he's just way too perfect and really pretty wimpy) but with Josh playing him I'm finding it hard to dislike him. I've been a fan of Josh for years now and I just think he's so adorable. He's definitely got the perfect innocent sweet look to him.

    Awww and we come to Liam. I may be biased by the whole Miley Cyrus thing too (come on, MILEY CYRUS?! Really? UGH. :P) but I don't think he'll ever be able to win me over. And Gale is my favorite fictional guy ever. So far in the trailer I think he's doing an okay job but he just seems a bit too desperate if you know what I mean. Like you said he seems soft. Where's the tough Gale exterior? He's more emotional then Katniss in this trailer! :P

    This is practically going to turn into a post all its own so I'll stop but before I do I just have to say that 1. Haymitch doesn't have hair like that in the books. He's supposed to have the seam look according the books but oh wells. :/ 2. Seneca Crane is actually played by Wes Bentley not Jude Law and 3. Elizabeth Banks is absolutely GENUIS 4. Lenny Kravitz has totally sold me on Cinna even though he only said one line. and 5. I FREAKING LOVE STANLEY TUCCI!!!!!


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