Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer - Part I - Costumes

As many of you know, I've been on the fence about how The Hunger Games movie will be. I think the trailer is yet another signifier of this love-hate relationship. Thus, below will be, first, the trailer itself for your viewing pleasure and, second, my comprehensive look at what works and what doesn't, in my opinion, taking into account the book's technicalities and descriptions. This post will be distributed among the rest of the week, presenting a pro and con each day.

I always keep my eye on costumes. For this movie, there's a couple things to note. Seeing as there's been discussion as to how Panem may be an allegory for the real world (whereas the U.S. is the Capitol and the surrounding districts are countries and continents around the world), I find this to be a shaky theory. In my eyes, it's rather an underlying thing I'm sure a bunch of English teachers crocked up. However, I feel the trailer puts more of a vibe on revolution time than this modern, ego-centric philosophy, which is fairly appropriate. Whether this be an example of the French or the American revolution, I don't know, but the costumes suggest as much. How? Some great examples are Effie's and Caesar's costumes. *Please find the costumes in the video above and freeze them in place. :)

Effie's costume and make-up are marvelous to begin with. The skirt, the sleeves, the hat. The eyeshadow and the lipstick. Rather inventive. This whole ensemble somewhat represents the fashion of Great Britain during the colonial times, I would say. Just take that first glimpse. The powdered face? I think so. I won't go too far into detail and cite some of the techniques possibly used to create this look, but it does have the undertones of such. At any rate, it matches the description of the book to a "T." I'm quite thrilled with both the costume and the acting of Ms. Elizabeth Banks in this first look at the full film.

Caesar's costume? Equally as well done with the same flair. It's rather a darker look, and the make-up described in the book is not there, but it does relieve some people from their nightmares about clowns, am I right? I was thinking brighter sequins, but the coat he has is probably the more sensible choice. As for the revolution look, the wig and pony tail take the bag. I wasn't picturing this kind of wig for him, but it works. It really does. I'm rather happy with these two characters.

I see the American revolution. The Capitol would be Britain in this sense, creating a tyranny over the states and showing off their wealth, fortune, and quite gaudy looks to the rest of the country. The districts, poor and degraded with simple clothing, is America. It just dawned on me. There were 13 original districts and 13 colonies. Wow. Okay. I'm in shock right now. Epiphany moment. That may be it. Great. I'm turning into one of those English teachers, deciphering things that aren't even there.

Seneca Crane's beard is epic.

I didn't see many of these in there. The only grievance I would point to is the interview dress. Did you see it, too? In the books, it's supposed to be covered with a thousand tiny jewels that, when moved, identify the licking tongues of flame. I do not see that in the trailer and truthfully hope that they are hiding the best part (the skirt), which would be book accurate and amazing as Collins had it, or are yet to add the amazing CG animations to the blank red dress. Please, dear Lord, please help it not to be that current thing they have.

Costumes for The Hunger Games Movie.

Pros: 90%
Cons: 10%

Tomorrow we'll be discussing the casting choices and their performance in this tiny, itty-bitty snip-it of the full film.

'Til next time!

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