Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Metal Wonders

One of my decoration mediums of choice is metal. While it seems so desolate and empty, it seems so much alive. It's an amazing thing that I find unparalleled in the world of design. This metallic feel (keep in mind that I like the diminished, rusted kinds) will surely adorn my living space all my life.

I think you'll agree if you just take a look at some of these.

I have an addiction to over-sized office objects. I have a giant paper clip picture holder and giant clothespins in my room.
This pic is pretty grainy, but I had to share that I have the big and middle-sized one! :) From Pier One! They always have the best stuff.
This picture is bad too. But this was at Target at one time. I had every intention to buy it but didn't. I need a "Treat Yo Self!" day...

If this had Roman numerals, it'd be perfect.
So metal decor. It's something I love. Do you love it too? Let me know!

'Til next time!

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