Friday, November 11, 2011

Rent-A-Film Friday: Crazy, Stupid, Love

I don't really frequent the movie theatre. I wish this would change, but I don't have a lot of time these days. Or the money. At any rate, I did get to see Crazy, Stupid, Love, starring Steve Carrell and what's his face and Emma Stone and all those other people in it. Why can't I remember that guy's name? The one from The Notebook... Gosling. Ryan Gosling. Okay. Yes, that's the movie. I have to say I really enjoyed it a lot. I also have to say that if you plan on watching this movie and haven't yet, please (PLEASE!) don't watch the trailer. It gives the best part of the movie away, and who wants that?
Until I added this picture, I forgot Kevin Bacon's in it. I honestly didn't know Marisa Tomei or Julianne Moore were in it either, but I think they were before my time. Great line-up regardless!
It really is a very funny movie. The whole concept is kind of off-the-wall (well, not really), but it plays off well, especially with that twist in it that will be given away if you watch the most idiotic trailer in the world. Again, please don't. But the movie! Watch the movie! It's very good, and the whole ensemble does a fantastic job. Plus, the plot is a strong component of this film, which you don't see too often anymore, which is sad. So go watch it! Rent it up!

'Til next time!

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  1. I may have been maybe the trailer doesn't give it away. I saw it again and re-evaluated it. My mistake.


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