Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Let's talk about statues. I find these things an integral part of any city, but who or what do we make them of? Obviously, we want to be sensitive, pertinent, and clever. Likewise, it should be something we want to remember and don't want to rip down everyday. It should be unanimous, I guess you could say, to put it up.

You can imagine it'd be pretty hard if a whole population filled with diverse views must come to a consensus. And then there's the issue of money. There has to be a specialized public group that REALLY wants the statues.


With that in mind, I kind of have to wonder who commissioned some of the most famous statues. Obviously, the Statue of Liberty was a gift. Giant Abe in his memorial was publicly funded. But what about things like Balto?

Who funded that guy? Obviously, it's a public figure. Exhibit A.) Even I can pull it out of thin air. That excluded, I want to know... Wikipedia? (P.S. Is it weird that Balto is stuffed in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History?)

The classic Greek statues are probably my favorite. There's just so much history behind them that I just cannot get my head around it. Plus, their beauty surpasses all else. Amazing!

But there always is something about those copper ones that turn green over time as well. Have you ever seen a statue oxidized over time? I haven't, but I hope to see something like that one day.

There is one type of statue I've never experienced before. That would be living statues. The premise of it is quite amusing, wouldn't you think? And the talent that must go into that! Wow! On a side note, I'm always reminded of the 90's version of the Parent Trap, when Hallie goes to London to see the her mom for the first time. Do you remember that part? It has "There She Goes" in the background. It's a fond memory of my childhood for some reason.

Anyway, do you find statues amusing too? Let me know what you think! :)

'Til next time!

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  1. There's a statue downtown near where I live and its a bunch of kids holding hands in a circle (like playing ring around the rosie) and then there's an empty spot for you to join them! Hahaha. I know someone who used it for a senior picture once. It was pretty hilarious. XD


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