Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Website Suggestion: Stumbleupon

About a year or so ago, my friend suggested that I join Naturally, I declined because I don't really trust her. (Just kidding, Sierra!) Eventually, on a very boring Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon Stumbleupon and made an account. I had rather a joyous time deciding what topics I wanted to pick.

You see, Stumbleupon is kind of like a search engine for everything you like and nothing you don't. You just slap in the topics you like, say "crafts," "movies," "art," or anything like that, and it takes you to a random, awesome site that features that topic. Some of the things are there are pretty neat, too. To tell the truth, I don't go on there a regular basis, but when I get bored, it's the place to be. 

For example, I just "Stumbleupon"-ed this website! Amazing architecture? Check. Amazing everything? Check! It's great!

And then I "Stumbleupon"-ed again. Chapstick anyone? I have to say that's it's one of those sites that at least everyone should hear about. It's quite fun, and rather enjoyable.

This post seems like an infomercial, so I'm gonna stop now. But for real. It's pretty boss.

'Til next time!

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