Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music Monday (Kind of): 'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again

Throughout this holiday season, my mom's Christmas mix CD played well over 100 times. I kid you not, I could predict exactly what song came next just after the previous one finished. Overall though, it's a great mix of Christmas tunes. The essentials really. The Carpenters, Bing, Andy Williams, and all those other fantastic folks we associate with Christmas music are on there.

The final song that plays on the CD is "'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again" by Kenny Rogers. Quite appropriate, if you ask me. From earlier posts, you fine folks know that I'm addicted to those classic artists. The Dollys, Kennys, Karens, and Pauls of the music universe, but this one touches me in that yuletide way that makes me run for a cup of coacoa and a Christmas book, as is the urge of many other listeners. It's amazing how Christ's birth can bring families together in that way. And even for one day in the year, even with the stress, and the disappointments that happen so frequently, we are together. The sweet melody of this tune gets me everytime. :) I hope you enjoy!

'Til next time! Merry Christmas! (P.S. I was informed today that the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" refers to the first day being December 25th. Therefore, I can validate posting Christmas things until January 6th.) ;)

Favorite Holiday Quote this year:
Mom: "Grandpa always kind of looked like Andy Williams. But his voice sounded exactly like Bing Crosby."
Me: "Well that's pretty biased."

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