Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday: Those Teen Pop Sensations

Don't ask me why. I have no idea, but America seems to wrap these little beep-bops in their little finger. I don't know whether it's supposed to be like this. (After all, they are just kids.) But they seem to come out with some good music. Let's take roll call of the kids that are skipping class today.

We'll start off with a double-whammey! Justin Bieber (my bro's fave) and Jaden Smith are too cool for school. J-Biebs (as I like to call him) is finally growing out of that falsetto voice. I don't know what that means for his plan to take over the world with those double-high E's of his, but we'll see... Jaden Smith is obviously Will and Jada Smith's kid. He's got some talent to boot. I wonder if he goes to school...

This Rhianna wanna-be has some talent, I'll admit. But I kind of wonder what she's doing right now... it'd be 12:30 in New York. She's actually probably out to lunch with Rhianna. Do you whip your hair back in forth?

And then there's those Disney channel stars who've seemed to take a liking to "that Bieber kid." One of which includes Selena Gomez. No doubt that she's besties with Taylor Swift, who she's sat by at many award shows in the past. Plus, she seems creative enough. Her album covers say as much... but then again a bunch of other people are responsible for that.

And those are just the current ones! We can't forget about Shaun Cassidy or Donny and Marie or anyone in the Mickey Mouse Club or any other of those pop teen sensations. Question of the day: Did these kids choose to go into showbiz or was it their parents "encouraging" them? We all know the power of parent influence, do we not? So let's just mull that one over.

Talented? Yes. Happy? Only time will tell.

'Til next time!

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