Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clean Up On Aisle 12

Have you guys been noticing that a significant amount of music videos take place in grocery stores? Upon this occurance, I quickly googled it and found a snappy column on how it may be a reference to the "starving artist." I think not. If not that, why?

I think a major part of it may be the lighting. Grocery stores do have great lighting... well, at least some of them.

Maybe it's because they are so diverse. I mean, there's the produce section, the deli counter, the bakery, the canned veggies aisle, the boxed cakes aisle, the check out lines, etcetera, etcetera... Plus, they have carts... choreographed cart dance? Cart surfing? There are many, MANY options.

A connection to the public? Everybody has to go grocery shopping... maybe it has an "Everyman" kind of familiarity about it...

Maybe they are cheap to rent out. They do close down at night.

Either way, I love 'em. They're good stuff.

The above videos are only from some of the most popular musicians... There's also quite a few more that anyone could easily find upon taking the time to type "grocery store music videos" into your nearest search engine.

Maybe it's because grocery stores are an assembling of commercial branding...


'Til next time!

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