Wednesday, July 3, 2013

cover redesign: #scandal by sarah ockler

Oooolala! Following the recent release of The Book of Broken Hearts, #scandal, Ockler's next novel, is leaving people itching for June 17, 2014, the release date of the social media-centric story. In honor of this, I've decided to create a cover for #scandal as a part of my recent cover redesigning endeavors! Note (to clarify...): This is NOT the real cover. The real cover has not been released yet.

If you don't have the 411 on #scandal, here's a synopsis:
Love in the time of social media ...
Lucy isn’t one for frilly dresses or anything too “official school function.” But when her best friend Ellie catches the superflu and begs Lucy to take her boyfriend Cole to prom, she agrees.
The only problem? Lucy has a secret crush on Cole, years in the making. When a Facebook scandal explodes after the prom party and exposes more than just Lucy's secrets, it’s up to Lucy to deal with the fallout — Ellie and Cole, her newfound reputation at school, and her older sister’s unexpected return home — all while trying to graduate.
But in a world where “friend” is a verb, “like” is a popular vote, and life’s most deeply held secrets are broadcast to the masses in a single click, can Lucy survive the scandal and follow her heart?

It's an interesting concept, and I love the brand new title they've chosen. I can't wait to find out more about it. :)

Did you like what you saw here? Or maybe you didn't. Let me know below! If you have any books that you'd like to see a redesign for, you can also post suggestions. Classics, history, fiction... you name it. I'd be more than willing to accommodate! ;)

'Til next time!

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  1. I feel like such an awful Sarah Ockler fan for not knowing about Scandal. It sounds so good though and I LOVE your cover for it! :D

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick


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